Our products, services, and recent experience also includes:

  • Adobe Flex encryption and graphing modules.
  • C/Java/.NET encryption and remote managed licensing. We designed and developed a licensing and metering solution for our customer which is used by major Fortune 500 companies and provide consulting/integration services in addition to being a licensed reseller.
  • We have worked with various customers to provide embedded system solutions, providing design, development, prototyping, production options.
  • System (desktop and server) and network consulting, deployment, and support.
  • Implementation of the Vexi user interface.
  • Development and support of long term care and acute care hospital systems. See the Health Care Systems Corporation web site for more information.
  • Custom development projects, including support and modifications of multiple open source projects.
  • Lead R&D and developed a database engine for a language (meaning) processing vendor.
  • Integrated natural language processing to in a health care prototype health care application on (CRM).
  • Solved multiple customer problems, provided support and development consulting for database vendors.
  • Development of a parts similarity warehouse.
  • Created a prototype/proof of concept of an enterprise process framework.
  • Assisted evaluation, correction, testing, and deployment of a new field agent application.
  • Legacy ISAM to SQL mapping layer. Allows rapid porting of existing applications to SQL engines.
  • Web enabled time tracking system.
  • Port Your App

    Porting applications between platforms, optionally web enabling, thin clienting, and even changing databases as need. Porting services include porting UNIX and Windows applications to Linux. A few customers have moved from fat client 'text' applications on Novell networks to Unix (AIX, etc.) and NT backend servers with win32 APIs. Some customers' products conversions included porting Windows/Novell Btrieve applications WITHOUT REWRITING to Faircom's c-tree server technology. We have also thin cliented and built win32 ScreenIO interfaces. Types of services also include consulting, mentoring, performance, and problem solving. Custom XWT development and consulting also available.
  • WebCurses

    'GUI' enabling existing CSentar 'text' and other applications without rewriting existing applications.
  • Web Your App

    Web enabling existing UNIX, Windows, and other platform based systems. Optionally also porting applications between platforms, thin clienting and/or web enabling, and even changing databases as need.
  • Various other multi-month/multi-year consulting projects including customers in telcom and insurance.