What we do

Achievement Focused Technology, Inc. (AFT, Inc.) solves problems with creative and elegant solutions. Working with and leading local and national development teams, we bring software design projects from concept to reality. From creating and modifying software design, designing and developing custom software solutions, hardware and software integration, or in-depth consulting, we can help you achieve your goals.

Why you need us

We have practical knowledge in a wide range of network, internet, and information systems.

Our staff has worked with top-rated companies to build solutions from the ground up.

Current projects include:

  • Adobe Flex Development (including custom graph widgets)
  • Custom Clinical/Billing Applications
  • Healthcare Solutions and Services
  • Meaning Processing (MP) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Projects
  • Data Entry and Cleaning Services
  • Parts Similiarity Warehouse
  • Licensing and Metering Solutions

We have the insight and experience to take your project from an unmanageable nightmare and make it a "do-able" reality. AFT, Inc. will work with you every step of way--from the executive/high level decision-making process through construction, implementation, and support.

Find out more

Contact us today and let us know more about yourself and your projects. Our specialty is making hard tasks easy, and impossible ones merely difficult. Begin your journey towards achievement today.